Nike giving Musketeers’ options with cool throwbacks

In News by Ken Cross

By Ken Cross

According to Patrick Brennan on, the Xavier Musketeers will unveil a new uniform concept from Nike this season as part of “Reveal Week,” in which the company unveils it’s new uniforms for the season.

Xavier’s home white throwbacks will feature the classic V-neck with navy blue and Columbia blue trim around the arms and neck.  The shorts feature the running Musketeer on the sides which is known as “Running Man.”

The blue road uniforms feature the crossed swords on the sides of the shorts as do a set of alternate gray uniforms.  There will also be a black uniform in the same style of the blues and grays.

The style is known as “Rio” cut which denotes the neckline as it also features “metallic accents, updated lightweight materials, a sword design and a modern shorts cut,” as noted on

Xavier hosts Musketeer Madness on Friday, Oct. 20 as the new uniforms will be unveiled.



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