Psychology is major key for Dambrot in flipping Dukes’ fortunes

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By Ken Cross

Keith Dambrot has immediate cache as he goes into his first season as he works to resurrect the basketball echoes at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  He coached Lebron James at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s in high school, presided over winning programs at Central Michigan and Akron, and now takes a Dukes program that has been buried hear the bottom of the league as the league has gotten better.

Dambrot talked about moving the program forward at Atlantic 10 Media Day on Wednesday and thinks the Dukes can have a winning season right away.

“Regardless of the hand you’re dealt, or who you have, or what’s happened in the past, if you believe you can win, and you have reasonable ability, you should be able to win,” he said in the preseason.

The key is developing a mentality and a character.  It’s a psychological mantra that the Dukes have to develop and once that happens, Duquesne will start to move forward and ascend.

“We’re working on their psyche. There were a lot of games last year that they should have won, but didn’t win. We’re trying to make them understand how to win those games.”

The psychological side for a program that has been down is just as important as the physical workouts.  Each player has to develop that mentality and move it forward each day.  It’s almost like developing a basketball team – laying the foundation and doing things to solidify that.

“Sometimes coaching isn’t that complicated,” said Dambrot, “Anything you emphasize as a coach really gets done, and anything you don’t emphasize doesn’t get done. Its basic stu that I’ve done for 30 years.”

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