College Hoops Watch was created in October 2015 with one goal in mind: offer unique college basketball coverage that you won’t find anywhere else.

From the power conferences to the mid-majors, we have everything covered.

In February 2016, our staff launched the Marching to Madness podcast, which has been downloaded thousands of times by college basketball fans all over the country. The podcast has featured coaches, analysts, and other guests throughout the college hoops world.

Some of our interviews include Bruce Pearl, Jim Larranaga, Will Wade, Seth Greenberg, Pete Gillen, and so many more.

You can view our entire podcast archives by visiting the official podcast page:

Marching to Madness podcast

Want to know more about the site’s creator, Ken Cross? No one knows his love for college basketball any better than his wife:

“As the wife of the creator of, I would like to share a little about what you are going to get with Ken Cross.  He LOVES the sport of basketball, in particular college basketball.  No, really….he eats, sleeps, and lives it every minute!

He loves the sport and the purity of the game.  If you are looking for negative, reporting, soap opera content, and sensationalized themes, forget it!  He looks for the positivity in every aspect of the game of basketball.  In interviews with coaches and players, he discusses the nuances of the game with them, the future of the teams, and the good things that come out of it to build on.  

Coaches have picked up on his love of the sport and his respect for them, as well, and they respect him, in turn, and give him great interviews because of the trust he has built with some of the game’s best.  

This is a man who once said, and I am quoting here…”Why on earth would anyone get married on a college basketball Saturday or during March Madness?” Need I say more?  

So sit back and enjoy the ride, or should I say the surf of this web site.  He thinks college basketball should be the topic of conversation in every household.  Let’s settle in and enjoy another great season of college hoops!

–Saundra Cross